#196 Специалист по разнообразию в HR-отдел

Требуется специалист по разнообразию в отдел подбора персонала известной самолетостроительной компании. Только для обладателей рабочей визы в США.

Место работы: Сент-Луис (Миссури), США. Полный рабочий день, 50% времени занимают командировки.

— высшее образование и опыт не менее 15 лет работы в близкой сфере, либо образование Master’s и не менее 13 лет работы,
— опыт в развитии и реализации стратегий, программ, процессов управления рекрутингом талантливых и разнообразных трудовых ресурсов,
— опыт сотрудничества с разнообразными diversity-организациями,
— опыт реализации маркетинговых стратегий и кампаний,
— опыт партнерства с акционерами компании в целях реализации политики разнообразия и стратегии рекрутинга.



— Mentors others in working effectively and cooperatively with team leaders, managers and internal employees; consistently and proactively establishes and maintains good working relationships by actively involving team leaders, managers and internal employees and helping them feel valued, appreciated, and included in discussions. Places higher priority on team and organization goals than on own goals. Offers to provide assistance and/or thought leadership to other project team leaders when doing so would benefit the organization.

Diversity Awareness

— Proactively establishes relationships with and learns more about people of other cultures and backgrounds; continually examines own biases and behaviors to avoid stereotypical responses; mentors others in exhibiting sensitivity to the perspectives and interests of people from a different culture; shows respect for decisions and actions that reflect cultural concerns and expectations; maintains focus on success and on effectively handling cross-cultural challenges; does not give up easily; works hard to overcome cultural barriers and deals constructively with challenging situations; consistently demonstrates flexibility in adapting personal style to cultural norms across situations.


— Consistently and proactively clarifies purpose and importance; stresses major points; follows a logical sequence. Guiders others in keeping their audience thoroughly engaged through use of techniques such as analogies, illustrations, humor, an appealing style, body language, and voice inflection. Frames highly complex and or advanced information in line with audience experience, background, and expectations; uses terms, examples, and analogies that are meaningful to the audience. Regularly seeks input from audience; checks understanding; presents message in different ways to enhance understanding. Uses syntax, pace, volume, diction, and mechanics appropriate to the media being used. Attends to both direct and indirect messages from others; correctly interprets messages and responds appropriately. Mentors and advises fellow project leads and other internal employees on effective communication techniques.

Influencing Others

— Demonstrates complete understanding and viewed as a role model in the ability to state what is needed to persuade and convince others without causing defensiveness and to inspire others to take action. Builds relationships to gain support and commitment from others, promotes ideas with enthusiasm, conviction and assertiveness. Provides compelling rationale for arguments and uses appropriate level of persistence on activities requiring ingenuity and innovative solutions. Serves as a mentor to others.

Presentation Skills/Techniques

— Advanced/expert knowledge of and ability to employ innovative presentation techniques (e.g., posture, speaker’s relationship to audience, use of intonation and props, use of visual aids and pacing) covering complex subjects to senior level audiences. Ability to use this Advanced/expert knowledge to coach other presenters

Drives Business Results

— Systematically evaluates a wide range of business opportunities and targets those opportunities with the greatest potential for producing positive business results. Establishes stretch goals for self, team leaders, managers and internal employees that are designed to achieve positive business results. Works tenaciously toward and derives satisfaction from achieving stretch goals related to positive business results. Remains self-disciplined; measures progress and evaluates results; reprioritizes as appropriate; prevents irrelevant issues or distractions from interfering with timely completion of important tasks.

Build Positive Relationships

— Deploys and administers HR programs, policies, practices and processes. Develops integrated HR initiatives and solutions to advance organizational objectives. Analyzes staffing and diversity strategy performance and develops corrective solutions. Partners with leadership to design and implement workforce strategies to meet organization objectives. Consults with management on staff selection. Leads or conducts employee investigations, tracks and monitors case activities.

Customer Focus

— Provides enterprise level modeling for making customers and their needs a primary focus of one’s actions; develops and sustains productive, high-level customer relationships as they relate to complex and large scale projects; actively seeks information to understand customers’ circumstances, problems, expectations, and needs; presents project level information to senior level customers to build their understanding of issues and capabilities; considers how complex project level decisions/actions/plans will affect customers; responds quickly to meet significant customer needs and resolve complex problems; provides enterprise level thought leadership on monitoring and evaluating customer concerns, issues, and satisfaction and to anticipate customer needs.

Decision Making

— Consistently and proactively recognizes a wide range of highly advanced or unusually complex issues, problems, or opportunities across the organization; determines whether action is needed. Adeptly identifies the need for and collects information to better understand issues, problems, and opportunities; has advanced knowledge in integrating unusually complex information from a variety of sources; detects unusually complex trends, associations, and cause-effect relationships. Guides others in creating relevant options for addressing problems/opportunities and achieving desired outcomes; can be relied upon to formulate clear decision criteria; evaluates options by considering implications and consequences; chooses an effective option; implements decisions reliably and initiates action within a reasonable time; includes team leaders, managers and internal employees in the decision-making process as warranted to obtain good information, make the most appropriate decisions, and ensure buy-in and understanding of the resulting decisions.


— Proactively maintains a professional, businesslike image. Consistently exhibits a calm appearance in a wide range of situations; does not appear nervous or overly anxious; responds openly and warmly when appropriate. Consistently speaks with a self-assured tone of voice to a wide range of audiences; presence instills confidence among fellow team leads, internal employees and customers.

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