#178 Исполнительный ассистент в ЛГБТ-коммьюнити-центр

Место работы: Сан-Франциско (Калифорния), США. Полный рабочий день. Дедлайн подачи резюме 31 мая.
Исполнительный ассистент оказывается всестороннюю поддержку работы Исполнительного директора по программам Центра, включая коммуникации (социальные медиа, пресс-релизы, отчеты), участвует в планировании программ и фандрайзинге. В его задачи также входит административная поддержка реализации программ Центра, общение и взаимодействие с партнерами, донорами, волонтерами, а также политическими деятелями. Идеальный кандидат должен обладать развитыми навыками в урегулировании проблем, врожденной грамотностью и тактом.

— Excellent judgment and people skills, ability to work with stakeholdersin a sensitive and effective manner. Ability to communicate with tact and diplomacy, ability to maintain strong boundaries and confidentiality when needed.
— Strong administrative skills, including proficiency in Windows, Excel, Word and database programs required. Experience with Exceed donor tracking software and graphics software strongly desirable.
— Must be accurate and detail oriented, possess strong organizational and time management skills and the ability to prioritize competing priorities in a complex and fast paced environment.
— Excellent problem solver, able to bring creativity to finding win-win solutions, excels at working through the complexity of situations.
— Ability to handle pressure with grace and humor, works well under tight deadlines.
— Innovative and entrepreneurial approach, including solution oriented approaches to complex issues. Ability to adapt to changing environment and priorities.
— Excellent oral and written communication skills, is effective communicating with a wide range of audiences.
— Strong interpersonal relationship skills and ability to work both independently and within a team-oriented organizational structure.Ability to build strong partnerships across boundaries of roles or socio-economic status.
— Knowledge of and familiarity with San Francisco’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender communities and commitment to the mission and vision of the Center.
— Committed to working with and representing the lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender community and the ability to work effectively in a diverse environment with people of all races, ethnicities, ages and class.

— Assist the Executive Director in ensuring efficient and effective communications including: serve as lead in producing and coordinating social media, press releases, managing press & media lists, organizing press conferences, drafting updates and communications to constituents and donors.
— Provides program support to Executive Director, including coordination of Center response to emerging issues (which may involvework with constituency groups and collaborating agencies), plan and/or implement program initiatives and special projects, participate in program and fundraising events including receptions, lectures, press conferences, and other events.
— Provide administrative support to the Executive Director, including scheduling, communication with constituents, managing tasks and priorities, and maintaining administrative systems. Exercises excellent judgment in the role of gatekeeper by prioritizing and/or responding to requests for information, meetings or access to agency resources. Prepare board packets, maintain board files, and ensure compliance with local, state and national regulations regarding public access to agency documents and meetings.
— Independently research, prioritize, and follow up on multiple incoming issues and concerns as assigned, including those of a sensitive and/or confidential nature; determine appropriate course of action, referral and/or response.
— Manage a variety of internal and external special projects, some of which may have institutional impact.
— Perform other duties as assigned.

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